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Do not let hurricanes or intruders ruin your business. We have a wide range of functional and stylish impact windows and doors that we can install for your commercial property, from Central to East Central Florida.

Golden Temple Builders offers a wide range of commercial windows for your business. These windows can be used for retail, commercial, high-rise condos, or other specialized uses. There are many window options available, including single and double-hung, casement and turn-in windows, fixed garage doors, and more. If none of these traditional designs meets your needs, let us work with your architect/builder/designer to find the custom look you want.

Make the Right Business Choice

The right window selection can help you brand your business and make your customers’ first impressions last a lifetime. Your window selection can save you money by providing high-thermal performance and hurricane resistance. Golden Temple Builders will collaborate with your builder/designer to assess your building’s conditions, location, aesthetics, budget, and other factors to determine the best window solution.

Commercial Windows

With rising energy costs and increasing gas prices, many companies are trying to cut down on their energy consumption. Although replacing your facility’s windows might not be on your priority list, it is worth considering the potential benefits. Every building is different, so there are many variables that you need to take into account when determining the true cost of replacement windows. These include the climate, condition of the HVAC system, existing windows, and frames, as well as the facility itself. It’s time to move on from the past and embrace the future. Our team can help you get your business up to code.

Window and Door Repair

Repairs can sometimes extend the window’s lifespan and prevent the need to replace them. These and many other issues can be fixed quickly and affordably by us. Golden Temple Builders, can fix or replace almost any windows that have been damaged beyond repair.

Window repairs by our professionals include:

Window and Door Replacement

We provide exceptional installation services for replacement windows, enhancing the appearance and comfort of your home or business. Our high-quality products and expert custom installation ensure a durable investment for many years to come. Moreover, our skilled technicians can complete the window replacements in just a few hours, without causing any damage to your stucco or drywall.

Professional Door Repair & Replacement

Golden Temple Builders provides door repair services for commercial buildings, including patio doors, entry doors, and sliding glass doors. We offer a wide range of energy-efficient, high-quality replacement doors in every style.

Our expert door repairs include:

Why You Should Hire Us

Golden Temple Builders has been at the forefront of the impact window and door industry for many years. Our customers trust us and we are considered the best window and door contractor for commercial projects in Central Florida. We strive to stay ahead of the curve and find the most current products and technologies to meet today’s building trends. Find out more about Golden Temple Builders and our services by contacting us today.

Free Onsite Estimates With Golden Temple Builders

Golden Temple Builders provides free consultations and estimates for all your window and door replacement and repair needs. Our knowledgeable and experienced estimators will visit your place of business to assess your window or door problems. They will advise you if repair is possible, or whether replacement is necessary. Based on your budget and individual needs, our estimators can recommend the best windows and doors for you.

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